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CLASH OF THE GODS….thunders on

August 26, 2009

Here’s the upcoming schedule for Clash of the Gods on HISTORY, Mondays at 10PM/9c

Most weeks, HISTORY follows the new episode with a repeat of the previous week’s.

Also, HISTORY posts previous episodes for free viewing on their website

8/17 HADES
8/31 MEDUSA(watch now)
9/7 (pre-empted by Charles Manson special)
10/12 THOR


CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981 – 2010)

August 24, 2009

Clash of the Titans was released on July 12, 1981 (the same day as Raiders of the Lost Ark). As many have observed, the film gave Greek and Roman mythology the Star Wars treatment with a classy cast of international stars including Laurence Olivier as Zeus, Claire Bloom as Hera, and Ursula Andress as Aphrodite. The legendary Ray Harryhausen worked his stop-motion special effects magic to create the fantastic pantheon of analogue demigods and monsters. The film was made on a budget of $16 million, and it went on to gross $41 million.

Harryhausen was also co-producer of the film, and retired from filmmaking shortly after the movie was released making this his last main feature film.

Okay, so you probably already know that Warner Bros. is remaking Clash of the Titans. Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk) is directing. The film stars Sam Worthington (upcoming Terminator Salvation and Avatar) and Academy Award® nominees Liam Neeson (Taken, Schindler’s List) and Ralph Fiennes (the “Harry Potter” films, The English Patient) and Alexa Davalos, Gemma Arterton, and Mads Mikkelsen.

Visual effects supervisor is Nick Davis of Entrapment (Troy and The Dark Knight most recently). Filming is underway; release is scheduled for March 2010.

Not to be confused with the Canadian animated teen TV series with the clever title variation: Class of the Titans.

[info courtesy wikipedia and]


August 10, 2009

Elton John closed his 1972 Honky Chateau album with “Hercules.” The song was a full-blown rocker on stage with the classic EJ line-up: Dee Murray on bass, Nigel Olsson on drums, Davey Johnstone on guitars. There’s misinformation on the web about whose song this is – some confusing it with Allen Toussaint’s song of the same name. But this Hercules was indeed written by EJ and Bernie Taupin.


Ooh I got a busted wing and a hornet sting
Like an out of tune guitar
Ooh she got Hercules on her side
And Diana in her eyes

Some men like the Chinese life
Some men kneel and pray
Ooh well I like women and I like wine
And I’ve always liked it that way
Always liked it that way

I can’t dig it, the way she tease
That old tough man routine up her sleeve
Living and loving, kissing and hugging
Living and loving with a cat named Hercules
A cat named Hercules

Oh and it hurts like hell to see my gal
Messing with a muscle boy
No superman gonna ruin my plans
Playing with my toys

Rich man sweating in a sauna bath
Poor boy scrubbing in a tub
Me, I stay gritty up to my ears
Washing in a bucket of mud
Washing in a bucket of mud

[Dick James Music]

ps. Did you know that Sir Elton legally changed his name to Elton Hercules John in 1974?


August 6, 2009

From the Disney movie “Hercules” (1997) comes the song “Long Ago” by Alan Menken (music) and David Zippel (lyrics). “Go the Distance” was the big song from the movie though–it won both the Oscar (R) and Golden Globe (R) for Best Original Song that year.


Long ago, in the far away land of ancient Greece
there was a golden age of powerful gods extraordinary heroes
and greatest and strongest of all these Heroes was the mighty
But what is the measure of a true hero? Now, that is what our
story …

Will you listen to him?
He’s making the story sound like some Greek tragedy.
Lighten up, dude.
We’ll take it from here, darling.

You go, girls …

[Muses:] We are the muses.
Goddesses of the arts
and proclaimers of heroes.
Heroes like Hercules.
Honey, you mean Hunkules!
I’d like to make some sweet music of it
Our story actually begins long before Hercules
Many Aeons ago …

[Hal Leonard/Walt Disney Music Publishing]


August 3, 2009

It is not possible to trick or escape the mind of Zeus. – Hesiod

The dice of Zeus always fall luckily. – Sophocles

Open your mouth and shut your eyes and see what Zeus will send you. – Aristophanes

You may fetter my leg, but Zeus himself cannot get the better of my free will. – Epictetus

All strangers and beggars are from Zeus, and a gift, though small, is precious. – Homer

ZEUS–Bleached, dressed & on-set by 3pm

July 31, 2009


Our art directors at UVPH envisioned Zeus as a younger man, but with white hair, a white beard, and white markings across his face and chest. White has a purity and power about it that one would attribute to the king of the gods. Plus, the juxtaposition of a fairly young guy all in white would be striking. And it was.

But it took hours.

To make his call time, Joseph Beddelem–our actor playing Zeus–had to leave Tangier, where he was filming another project, the night before. It’s a 12 hour ride to Ouarzazate. He was expected to arrive in town around 9am, and go right to the local salon to have his black hair bleached THREE times, which would take 3-4 hours. We needed him bleached, dressed and on set by 3pm.

At 10 am, we got the call that he was still three hours away. A flash flood had washed out the road through the mountains. We’d never make our day.

Thankfully, the gods intervened on our behalf. The road was re-opened, and Joseph made it to town around 1pm, and went straight to the salon. Meanwhile, we shot without him as best we could.

By 4:30pm, he was on set, but his transformation wasn’t quite complete. Next came the make-up. Getting clean, crisp edges on a very intricate design for his face and chest didn’t come quickly. Plus, his hair was still blonde – no amount of bleach would make it white. So our whole make-up department swarmed around him like bees. Here he was, having driven all night from Tangier, having endured three uncomfortable bleach cycles, scalp burning, lying on the floor of our make-up tent while his hair, face and chest were hastily polished.

At 6pm, he was finally on set. And looking just how I would picture Zeus.

Zeus Lightning

Kudos to everyone who made it happen.

–Chris Cassel,
Clash of the Gods, Series Director & Writer

Our Cool Movie Poster

July 29, 2009