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September 10, 2009

Bug Girl walking


She’s drop-dead gorgeous and loves furry creatures with lots of legs. She’s got a whimsical personality and a huge determination to convince us that bugs are not SO icky. She’s dedicated to saving insects from death, destruction, and humans. A real-life Spider Woman? She’s Kristie Reddick, self-proclaimed “Bug Girl” and Texas A&M trained entomologist.

Set to pursue acting (with a BFA in theatre), Kristie’s fascination with Africa took her on a college trip to Kenya. One night, she heard a scream coming from the choos (bathrooms). She ran with her net and red-light to investigate (it was a guy who screamed). Kristie watched as a very large, spider-like creature climbed up to her eye level, reared back, opened its jaws and hissed at her. That’s when it happened. This wild thing was speaking to her, and Kristie instantly fell in love.

Bug Girl + student

She ditched her show-biz plans, volunteered in a lab studying wasps in Florida and then took a job teaching inner-city kids in California. Strapped for cash, she bought a lotto ticket, won $250 and drove cross-country to her next adventure: Texas A&M’s graduate program in entomology (where she’s now a lecturer).

Kristie is one of the few people in the world to have studied solifuges (arachnids that are not spiders…) in Africa, and she has discovered five new species so far.

How many teachers do you know who will go into the wilds of Kenya (or Texas) in shorts and a tight tank top, surround themselves with hissing cockroaches, allow beetles to crawl up their arm, and describe hot spider sex?

Bug Girl+cam crew

Kristie, we look forward to working with you!



August 12, 2009


August 11, 2009


Curvy…beautiful… sexy…. confident…seductive. Words used to describe one person…Bombshell Betty. She is the embodiment of the 50’s pin-up girl, who can pose the hell out of a picture, and seduce any man…well, almost any man, with her moves. And KPI has just signed her to a talent deal.

As an international pin-up model and burlesque dancer, Betty’s toured extensively across the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan. But in 2004, she decided to stay home and teach the tricks of her trade at “Burlesquercise” in San Francisco. Betty runs the studio with her partner/photographer Randy. Thousands have taken her classes; many have become burlesque performers themselves.

So…welcome to Bombshell Betty’s Pin-up Workshops: featuring retro-style makeovers, posing lessons, and a professional photo shoot. Her classes are for both amateurs and established performers–for anyone who wants to add confidence and a little seduction to their everyday life (and a little titillation for the man in their life). After turning San Francisco housewives into sex-kittens, she turned to New York, LA, Boston, D.C., Chicago, Seattle and Orlando to release the inner pin-up model in all. She hosts her workshops in luxury hotel suites and offers cocktails to ease the tension and loosen the suits of high-powered, high-strung women looking for a good time, good moves and goodies to go home with.


Betty designs her own costumes for shows and photo shoots. When she’s not designing, she is creating collages from her pin-up photography. Her artwork has been featured in major San Francisco art galleries.
In 2006 she released a DVD “Intro to Burlesquercise” and her new book “Plain Jane to Pin-up Queen: Pinup Modeling Workshop in a Book” is currently for sale on 5 continents.

As Betty’s friends like to say: “She always has something new up her sleeve…or tucked into her garter.”

So, do you think there’s a TV series in all this? Maybe. It will be fun finding out.

She’s Not in Kansas Anymore

July 17, 2009

Kansas is famous for its tornados, but how do you explain this one??
She’s the whirlwind of brains, beauty and drive that KPI just signed to a talent deal.

Raised up on a ranch (think: a cow for a pet) in Kansas (Louisburg, pop. 2,940).

Louisburg KS

“I just remember thinking my mother was so glamorous. She was the first woman I was fascinated with.” This little sprout blossomed to become a fresh-faced MISS TEEN USA. (She continues to mentor Miss Teen USA hopefuls.)

But she’s, uh, all grown up now…and thriving in California.

She started her own business in LA: Style Studio.
Image consulting, corporate branding and event styling to the max.

VERY successful.

Now she’s expanded her biz up the coast to San Francisco—new high-end clients, new hearts to win.

Her name is Keylee Sanders.

Keylee Grammy pic

Remember that name: KEYLEE SANDERS


July 2, 2009


KPI has secured access to the world’s foremost shark expert David Ulloa. We’re calling our three-minute demo tape The Shark Whisperer. While most shark shows deal with limited depths and species, KPI and David travel to investigate what happened behind the headlines in clashes between sharks and man. We go to the beaches sharks find most appetizing and then we send David in to get to know the sharks, debunk assumptions about the predators and, in the process, tell us why the attacks happened. (We’ve taken our teaser tape out
in the last week and are beginning to get a few bites. If you want to see it e-mail me directly please)
–Vinnie Kralyevich, KPI founder & CCO

KPI Makes TV — So why blog about it?

June 25, 2009

Why? Because…we go to a lot of places around the world & we have a lot of weird encounters (both real and imagined). Our producers, writers, cinematographers, sound techs and researchers all have their own point of view about what they experience on any given day. So that’s what this blog will be about–whether we’re chasing spiders that can run faster than you or searching for Hitler’s remains–the people who are KPI will be blogging about it, giving you a first look at what we’re up to with our projects.
P.S. And–of course–please do add your Comments.