KPI is a NYC production company that has created more than 500 hours of programming over the past decade for A&E, Discovery, Nat Geo, HISTORY, Travel, Bravo, TLC, Fine Living, The Military Channel, MSNBC, truTV, Smithsonian and HGTV.

KPI crews cover the globe, travelling to Tunisia, Siberia, Morocco, Lithuania, Venezuela, Vancouver, the UK, Alcatraz and The White House for recent projects.

In The Last 6 Months, primetime productions include multiple episodes of MonsterQuest for HISTORY, 13 episodes of Extreme Living for HGTV, Scandals of the Ancient World and Apocalypse How for DISCOVERY, The White House: Behind Closed Doors for HISTORY and Animal Gladiators for ANIMAL PLANET.


2 Comments on “About”

  1. George G.Walker Sr Says:

    Would like to know if your “Production Company”has a
    “Video Archives” section or knowledge of a Company who has access to “Video Documentries”.

    I am looking for a Video documentry that was produced circa 1988 about the “Korean War” by the BBC or an affiliate of the BBC,this video was released sometime in the early 1990s,but was only shown in the in the U.K. and Canada.

    This “Documentry” was made up of interviews of Korean War Veterans who participated in that war from both sides (North and South Koreans and their allies).

    A friend and myself were interviewed at “Radio City”in N.Y. City around 1986-88 and although we were told we would be advised when it would be shown,we never recieved that information,I have contacted the “BBC”in both the U.K. and Canada over the years,Ihave been unable to obtain this “Documentry”.
    (Probably caused by my lack of computer knowledge)

    If there is any way your Company can help me to obtain this Documentry or give me suggestions as to how I may find same,it would truly be appriciated.

    Thank you for any help. George G.Walker Sr
    E-Mail dadof8g@comcast.net

    • kpitv Says:

      The producing team for our project about the Chosin Reservoir campaign did its best to identify the BBC documentary for which you were interviewed–unfortunately they have not found it. It is not among the archival materials we are utilizing in our program for the Smithsonian Channel. It is a pity that it seems to have been “lost.” We wish you the best of luck in your efforts to track it down.

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