So the “Clash of the Gods” series is now in the books. All ten episodes have aired. Tweets and comments from the blogosphere have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Seems the series won over some hard-core fans, which is extremely gratifying to all of us who worked on it.

Since the series premiered, probably its single-most talked about feature has been the special-effects make-up that brought the gods and monsters to such vivid life. Never before has cable TV (or really, even Hollywood) presented such a diverse, imaginative and unique cast of characters. Medusa. Grendel. Hades. The Cyclops. Each character was approached with a fresh eye for what would be most haunting and dramatic. Inspiration was taken from ancient renderings, but wasn’t slave to them. In the end, the make-up team made an enormous difference in the look of the series, and gave it the visual eye candy that really stands out from the TV pack.


Ill Willed Productions ( was the driving force behind the make-up and practical special FX. Tate Steinsiek, Matt Green and their teams worked tirelessly for months on this, and brought an energy and creativity to these characters that really pops on screen. We have our fingers crossed that they’ll get an Emmy nomination for make-up on this. But they really don’t even need one. We’re thrilled to report that IllWilled has just accepted a job on a major Hollywood film starring Al Pacino called, “Mary Mother of Christ”. And, they’ve just released a new monster-shoe line from Keds. So Ill Willed is well on its way, and KPI looks forward to saying “we knew them when.”

Christopher Cassel, Director/Writer
Clash of the Gods

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