History’s toughest journey….just got tougher. Threatened by a demonic monster (Scylla) and a deadly whirlpool (Charybdis), the greatest hero of all time continues his journey home to his wife and child.

ODYSSEUS: WARRIOR’S REVENGE airs on Monday, September 21 at 10PM/9c on HISTORY.

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3 Comments on “ODYSSEUS PART 2”

  1. Leslie C. Says:

    i love reading all of the behind the scenes stuff on the show. it is my favorite show of all time! Would love to read more about what goes on behind the cameras. My favorite so far has to be the episodes with Medusa and Zeus. Just a question… who plays Perseus on the Medusa episode?


  2. linda Says:

    Just came to your blog, it’s my first time. Looks like and interesting movie. Can one see it, I mean rent it somewhere? I though Scylla came down from a cave over their heads, not out of the sea.

    • Leslie Says:

      It’s not a movie… it was a short live-action series on the History channel, from last year. An awesome show it was! hope it comes back for a second season!

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