Bug Girl walking


She’s drop-dead gorgeous and loves furry creatures with lots of legs. She’s got a whimsical personality and a huge determination to convince us that bugs are not SO icky. She’s dedicated to saving insects from death, destruction, and humans. A real-life Spider Woman? She’s Kristie Reddick, self-proclaimed “Bug Girl” and Texas A&M trained entomologist.

Set to pursue acting (with a BFA in theatre), Kristie’s fascination with Africa took her on a college trip to Kenya. One night, she heard a scream coming from the choos (bathrooms). She ran with her net and red-light to investigate (it was a guy who screamed). Kristie watched as a very large, spider-like creature climbed up to her eye level, reared back, opened its jaws and hissed at her. That’s when it happened. This wild thing was speaking to her, and Kristie instantly fell in love.

Bug Girl + student

She ditched her show-biz plans, volunteered in a lab studying wasps in Florida and then took a job teaching inner-city kids in California. Strapped for cash, she bought a lotto ticket, won $250 and drove cross-country to her next adventure: Texas A&M’s graduate program in entomology (where she’s now a lecturer).

Kristie is one of the few people in the world to have studied solifuges (arachnids that are not spiders…) in Africa, and she has discovered five new species so far.

How many teachers do you know who will go into the wilds of Kenya (or Texas) in shorts and a tight tank top, surround themselves with hissing cockroaches, allow beetles to crawl up their arm, and describe hot spider sex?

Bug Girl+cam crew

Kristie, we look forward to working with you!

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24 Comments on “BUG GIRL”

  1. Mandy Says:

    I had Kristi as a professor at Texas A&M and would always watch this show! She is knowledgable, yet makes the information so interesting. If she could get me to even touch a hissing roach, she must know her stuff! Good luck to you Kristi!

  2. Maeghan Eckert Says:

    I think this will be a FANTASTIC show and I wish nothing but the best for Mrs. Reddick. I had the privilege of being in her class my first semester in college and absolutely loved it. Not only is she an extremely interesting person, but she is also the best teacher I have had in college thus far.

  3. Seamus Enright Says:

    Bugs are far more numerous than us and as soon as they realize this we could be in trouble so we should make friends with them as soon as possible.
    Fortunately we have the amazing Kristie Reddick to us well informed about our multiple-legged friends-to-be.
    She’s smart, she’s funny and she’s easy on the eye… and she’s humanity’s best hope.

  4. Josh Ivie Says:

    I was one of Kristie’s former students at Texas A&M. Kristie’s passion for life and bug’s was so contagious that she stemmed my interest in the subject of entomology (which is a huge feat). I was always one of those college kids that went to college because I was supposed to. I never enjoyed any of my classes except for maybe a kinesiology class or two. I only showed up when I had to and made grades barely good enough to pass. One summer I took her entomology class to suffice a science credit and my opinion about non-kinesiology classes was forever changed. Her vibrant personality combined with her passion for bugs really awakened me everyday I went to her class. I always hated bugs and went into that class with very poor expectations. Upon the completion of that class however I had a new found respect for bugs, enjoyed learning about new things, and an ‘A’ on top of all of that. I am certain none of those things would have transpired if not for Kristie. Good Luck and I’m pulling for you!

  5. Charity Says:

    As a former student and friend of Kristie’s, I would like to say that she is one of the most fascinating people you will ever encounter! Not only is beautiful, but she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the arachnids she studies. I have seen first-hand how Kristie can transform people from having irrational fears of insects and spiders into people who not only love, but respect these arthropods. Kristie changed my life by opening my eyes to the world, hopefully she can do the same for you!

  6. Caitlin Says:

    Kristie this sounds absolutely amazing! With the ‘outside of the box’ teaching style you create viewers, young and old, will certainly come to love the hexapod side!

  7. Jade Bludau Says:

    I had Kristie as a entomologist lab teacher at Texas A&M. I thought I’d dread going to the class as first, but after the first day, I truly loved the class. Kristie is so energetic and passionate at what she does. She wants you to understand and learn things the proper way, but she makes it fun and exciting!!! She is extremely intelligent and hard working. I am very thankful to have had the class with her!!!! Can’t wait to watch the show!!!

  8. Jim Moore Says:

    This young woman is one of those truly remarkable people who have the unique ability to reach others , educate, fascinate and captivate their minds, and do it all with a wit and charm and personality that virtually FORCES you to like them from the very moment you meet them!!!

    My daughter – who, thanks to the influence of Kristie, is a PHD student at North Carolina State Univ, used to come home from her classes while at Texas A&M Univ. and tell me glowing, gushing tales of the passion and the exploits of her lab TA. Eventually I got a chance to meet Kristie at an Ento Society Banguet and when my daughter introduced me to Kristie, I instantly understood WHY she was so enthralled!

    She is charismatic, energetic, photogenic, well spoken, witty , poised and quite personable. And above all she is both knowledgeable and passionate about her field!

    I firmly believe that any program in which Kristie’s passion and excitement about arthropods is shoecased will certainly be a successful and well recieved program!!

    I would strongly urge that every possible consideration be given to the idea of having Kristie Reddick be involved in the production of a program related to arthropods!

  9. Cody Says:

    I had Kristie Reddick as a professor in a summer entomology class – and it’s a class I will never forget. She has such a passion for a subject, I have never seen in a class.

    She asked us on day one to have “open minds” and she has definitely taught me to look at bugs and things in general with an open mind before judging.

    She left our class with one message – Follow your dreams. She loves educating the world about entomology and her story has taught me to never let go of a dream, no matter what it may be or how far away it may seem.

    You could not have picked a better person to explain entomology in ways people will be excited to learn more.

  10. Ann-Maree Gallagher Says:

    She is facinating and entertaining. She would definitely capture the audience’s attention with her love of bugs and draw people in to watching the show. I feel her enthusiasm is contagious!

  11. Jessica Says:

    She’s enthusiastic and absolutely brilliant, and her show would be nothing less than amazing.

  12. Dikla Says:

    Kristie is by far the most amazing person I have encountered at Texas A&M!!!! Having her as a TA my first semester in college (btw, I wasn’t a big fan of bugs!!!), I just couldn’t get enough of her!!! I signed up for another course she would teach because you can never get enough of her!!!! She is a very passionate person who WILL not give up on her students. Good luck Kristie, I know you will transform thousands of lives with your amazingness!!! [:

  13. Patricia Mullins Says:

    I had just changed my major at Texas A&M from Genetics to Entomology and wasn’t sure what to expect out of my first Ento class. When I first met Kristie (as my TA for the class), I honestly thought she might be a bit insane.

    She was SO incredibly enthusiastic and energetic (and tall and blonde and beautiful)–I was super intimidated! Within the first few weeks of class I came to discover that I had caught her enthusiasm and passion for insects for a lifetime, and now I’m beginning my PhD in Hymenoptera systematics!

    Kristie lights up a room when she walks into it! Her energy is ELECTRIC and very contagious! She is very funny and has found many creative ways to teach her students about arthropods! She also teaches the very important lesson of having an open mind and following your dreams!

    She is such an amazing and wonderful person–Thank you Kristie!!! Keep doing wonderful things and inspiring and teaching people about the BEST creatures on the planet!!!!!!! I’m really super excited about the show!

  14. Katherine Pangaro Says:

    I had the great pleasure of studying theatre and performing with Kristie many years ago at the University of the Arts, and I cannot think of a better choice for this project. Kristie is bold, intelligent and always curious. Kristie’s passion for the subject and natural charisma are sure to captivate and enlighten all your viewers.

  15. Frank Casillas Says:

    Kristie is a truly unique and wonderful person. As a former lab student of hers, I had the privilege of experiencing, firsthand, her great enthusiasm and intelligence. She is the type of person that immerses herself completely into whatever job she is doing.

    Kristie is also one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She would no doubt be an asset to any program or project she in which she involved.

  16. Angie P. Says:

    Words like passion, enthusiasm, awesome, and genius are great in describing Kristie, but when you actually see her in action doing what she loves you realize those words only began to apply to her. She is so much more. She can catch and hold the attention of young people better than anyone I have ever seen. She could talk about the most mundane of subjects to college students at 8am and, when she is done, have them begging to hear more. The fact that she is crazy about bugs and other non-creepy, creepy crawlers warms my heart, becuase I know the future of entomology is in good hands. She’ll do more than teach people about bugs-she will teach the world to take a closer look, in general, and see that the differences (though they may seem scary) are what makes this world so alive and so beautiful.

  17. Michelle McNeil Says:

    I am a fellow entomologist and close friend of Kristie’s. I’ve also had the pleasure of teaching biology courses with her. She’s AmAzInG and you truly could not have picked a more knowledgeable, enthusiastic, down-to-earth, gorgeous teacher and “bug girl”.

    I can’t wait for this show.

    -Michelle McNeil
    Professor, Blinn College – Bryan Campus

  18. Lydia Wessner Says:

    I had Kristie as a TA for my first Entomology course my freshman year. I had to take it as an elective for another major and by the end of that semester I changed my major to Entomology and I will be graduating in December with my degree in it. Her enthusiasm and love for bugs made learning so much more exciting and interesting. Because of Kristie I found something that I love doing and learning about. Kristie is the best TA/Professor I have ever had, without her who knows what I would be studying right now. She is awesome and is perfect for hosting a show.


  19. This is unbelievable! This woman is my hero!! I can’t wait to tune into this show. What a rockstar!? How inspiring!? Congrats, Kristie…I mean, Spiderwoman!

  20. Garrett Hendricks Says:

    Kristie Reddick is all wrong for your show.

    She’s super-talented.

    She’s intelligent.

    She’s engaging.

    Beautiful, striking, fun and funny.

    Committed and professional.

    Stuff we just don’t see on TV.

    Sigh…for the good old days.

  21. Diane C. Says:

    I think this sounds FANTASTIC. Kristie is one of the sweetest, nicest girls on this earth and if anyone can make you fall in love with a couple of bugs, it’s her!

  22. Hallie Says:

    It’s about time Animal Planet has a Women of charisma, enthusiasm, and intelligence show the world what crazy things are out there!

    Why this would make for a killer show:
    Girls of our generation need a strong and knowledgeable female figure that WILL inspire them.
    And…. What guy wouldn’t want to watch this woman work with ‘creepy crawlers’?

    This show is a win-win.
    It could be the new “Shark Week” but it’s Bug Week hosted by a wild blond named Kristie!

  23. Trevar Wachsmann Says:

    I’m from the country and encounter arthropods everyday but it was not until I had Kristie for an entomology professor that I actually understood and appreciated them. Not only does she work for the entomology department but she also helps education majors produce videos and podcast (in which she is going to help me with). With her background experience she is the perfect person to host a show on Animal Planet. Her knowledge and skills that she has makes her ideal for an educational (but fun) show. And the best of all, you never know what she will do next!!!

  24. Taylor Esco Says:

    Honestly the best teacher i have ever had. I have never seen someone so passionate toward a particular subject as she is. It is very inspiring. Definitely an asset to whoever she works with.
    Congrats Kristie! You are gonna surpass everyone’s expectations. It is incredible to see someone get an opportunity to do what they truly love to do. Welcome to 4% of the world’s population (people who enjoy getting up and going to work every day) lol.
    I = Jealous 🙂 except for the spider part (shiver)

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