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  1. Betty – you are awesome. I love your energy, and I love how incredibly well you connect with people and find what will make them feel better about themselves and their lives. Keep up the great work! Would love to see more!
    – Judith Wellner
    Writer, Artistic Adventurer

  2. Rachel Herrmann Says:

    LOVE it!!! I’d love to see more of these lovely ladies finding their groove…

  3. Wow, this is so fantastic! Bombshell Betty, you’re a goddess. Looks like the girls of SFC Double Dutch need to come in for a shoot!

  4. Jessica Says:

    I’ve had the pleasure to be made over twice by Bombshell Betty, and each time I looked both classy and smokin’ hot–if I do say so myself–and that’s a hard balance to achieve. She nails it every single time, and her transformations range from naturally enhancing to outright astonishing. She’s a true artist and loves what she does so well.

  5. ACE Says:

    Reality Check Tv has been subject to the charms of this lovely lass several times at various events around SF. she’s sweet and seductive, yes, but is also a super-cool chick. This is a really cool idea to help girls of all kinds find their inner pinup, and be more confident in their sex-and-sensuality. More women can benefit from this, I believe!

  6. A “Body Image Activist”!! Woohoo. This is what TV needs. There are soooo many tired shows about Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton and how young women learn to hate themselves and their bodies. This is such a sexy and positive image, plus no doubt a super-hot show to watch. Please bring this to my television!!

  7. Jessica Says:

    I’ve worked with Betty and she’s awesome. The transformation you see in women from day 1 to their first photoshoot or show is amazing and inspiring! I’d love to see a day in the life of a Bombshell. I think it would motivate and inspire others!

  8. Jessica Says:

    I want more pinup in my life!

  9. Jimmy Says:

    Sweet, Sexy, and Smart!

  10. Ashley Says:

    YES! This would make my life complete. Betty is amazing to work with and I would watch this religiously.

  11. Inome Says:

    Ive been wanting to do Betty’s workshop for a while now and this totally gives me inspiration!!

    I would be SO happy to see Bombshell Betty’s show on KPITV. There’s a desperate need for a more realistic representation of women and for women out in the world and Bombshell Betty really empowers women to love themselves the way they ARE! Its so rare to be truly encouraged to love who we are, as we are that having a show like this for women is IMPERATIVE! Please pick up Bombshell Bettys show!

  12. Kai Says:

    I’ve met several of the women that Betty has inspired to become burlesque performers, and they have TONS of confidence with their bodies, no matter the shape or size! A long-time friend of mine is one of these ladies and I knew her before met Betty (and burlesque) – the change was astonishing and immensely positive. She has since joined a burlesque troop and performs regularly. In this era of the super-skinny, where the “plus-sized” are looked upon with disdain, I think Betty’s a real hero. Teaching women to be unashamed of their figure is an invaluable lesson!

  13. Julia Says:

    i want to see more! very well edited – i like the looks of it. i wish it were longer thought….

  14. Nieve Says:

    Sweet! Sign me up!

  15. denise Says:

    This is awesome!!! This is what reality TV should always be about!! i love it!!!

  16. Lori Says:

    I can’t wait for Betty to come to Florida again. I was comfortable with her and Randy and trusted them, even though there were about 12 other ladies in the room.

  17. Alexandria Says:

    What an amazing and empowering experience! I was gifted Bombshell Betty’s Pinup Workshop and Photoshoot. It was such a self-esteem boost. I learned which angles are more flattering for photos, how to make my eyes look more dramatic using makeup and A, E, I, O, U and Sometimes Y. Try it for yourselves. I know I’ll be back.

  18. Melissa Says:

    Bombshell Betty makes magic and Randy is a fantastic fellow. Thanks to them, our shows have been superb!

  19. Ty Says:

    Bombshell Betty is awesome and I’d love to see her TV show!

  20. Susan Says:

    Bombshell Betty is an awesome teacher and so much fun. I’ve taken a couple of her classes, have done the workshop (great pics) and will be taking more classes soon. I’d love to see more!!!

  21. As one of her former students I am so glad that Betty is continuing such great work. Burlesque and Pin Up is a place to discover femme fetale within. There is so much beauty within us all, we just had to find a safe place to explore it. Bombshell Betty provides it and Randy is a wonderful Pastie maker as well. Iā€™d love to see a show about them and the wonderful Woman who explore Burlesque. Heck,Iā€™d love to be maybe a guest Star. =) Any time you need a testimonial on how you changed my life I’ll be there.

  22. Chloe A. (aka TheZote) Says:

    Fantastic! I can’t wait to see this! We need more entertainment that shows real women embracing their sexuality in all its forms. You can be short, tall, curvy, or slim, and be a completely amazing and sexy person. Isn’t it about time that message was broadcast for everyone to see? What a fantastic idea for TV! This is a great way for the world to see some REAL reality TV šŸ™‚

  23. Christy Says:

    Betty is awesome! Her pin up classes are wonderful and so helpful to everyone who takes them. All women should find their inner Bombshell, and Betty can help them do it

  24. ann Says:

    This is a great video! yay~

  25. Ronald Says:

    Great video!

  26. shawn phillips Says:

    Finally, tv with interesting content.

  27. to by Says:

    wow, that would make cable TV worth the money!

  28. Torunn S. Says:

    Such a fantastic idea for a show!! And encouraging body confidence and female kinship to boot!

  29. Lola Loveless Says:

    This is great. I really hope someone somewhere picks this up for you! I’d definitely watch it!

    I think everything you do is just fabulous, and really hope that this whole thing works out for you!!!

  30. Lynnmarie Perkins Says:

    I love the video!!! I attended a workshop last year in New Haven, Ct….Betty your the best!! THANK you

  31. Morgan Says:

    Love it! I really wish that someone would pick this up, it’d be great!

  32. Audra Says:

    Finally! A chance at positive reality tv! This could be revolutionary.

  33. Galen Says:

    This is completely awesome.

  34. Daisy Says:

    Sweet! The before and after are pretty mind-blowing.
    Makes me want to try it out šŸ™‚

  35. Rebecca M. Says:

    Hey- congrats to everyone who was a part of this segment! Betty is a true inspiration, I hope to see more of her and her empowering way of celebrating the female form. I would totally watch a weekly show where women who need a confidence boost get Betty-fied.

  36. Eric Metens Says:

    This is really great, keep up the good work!!

  37. Kristianm Says:

    I have taken Betty’s hair class and it was awesome. She is a great teacher.

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