Curvy…beautiful… sexy…. confident…seductive. Words used to describe one person…Bombshell Betty. She is the embodiment of the 50’s pin-up girl, who can pose the hell out of a picture, and seduce any man…well, almost any man, with her moves. And KPI has just signed her to a talent deal.

As an international pin-up model and burlesque dancer, Betty’s toured extensively across the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan. But in 2004, she decided to stay home and teach the tricks of her trade at “Burlesquercise” in San Francisco. Betty runs the studio with her partner/photographer Randy. Thousands have taken her classes; many have become burlesque performers themselves.

So…welcome to Bombshell Betty’s Pin-up Workshops: featuring retro-style makeovers, posing lessons, and a professional photo shoot. Her classes are for both amateurs and established performers–for anyone who wants to add confidence and a little seduction to their everyday life (and a little titillation for the man in their life). After turning San Francisco housewives into sex-kittens, she turned to New York, LA, Boston, D.C., Chicago, Seattle and Orlando to release the inner pin-up model in all. She hosts her workshops in luxury hotel suites and offers cocktails to ease the tension and loosen the suits of high-powered, high-strung women looking for a good time, good moves and goodies to go home with.


Betty designs her own costumes for shows and photo shoots. When she’s not designing, she is creating collages from her pin-up photography. Her artwork has been featured in major San Francisco art galleries.
In 2006 she released a DVD “Intro to Burlesquercise” and her new book “Plain Jane to Pin-up Queen: Pinup Modeling Workshop in a Book” is currently for sale on 5 continents.

As Betty’s friends like to say: “She always has something new up her sleeve…or tucked into her garter.”

So, do you think there’s a TV series in all this? Maybe. It will be fun finding out.

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  1. Mani Says:

    SOooooooo fantastic!!

  2. Switchblade Says:

    Hell yes there’s a TV series here! Bombshell Betty is tackling one of the most important issues facing women today! Love yourselves, ladies! Watching these women having a great time letting their wild side out is inspirational. I want to see more!

  3. Simone Wallis Says:

    I love this!! I want to see a show about this fabulous sounding woman. How fun!!

  4. I especially love that the show would not be focusing on women’s fears of and discomfort with their weight like the whole “More to Love” fiasco. Real women without intense insecurities having a good time being sexy. Sounds a lot like someone I know…

  5. casie Says:

    This is fantastic!!

  6. Heather Says:

    Ya think?! Let’s seeee…some of the coolest clubs in the country, a BOOMING subculture…and oh, l feel like there was something else…BOOBIES!!!
    Chicks shaking it! Nobody doesn’t love that!

  7. Anna Says:

    Oh hells yes! Bring it on!

  8. MICHELE Says:

    This will make a fabulous, fabulous show!!!!!!
    It would be so awesome especially for the REAL WOMEN out there like myself………….I know my friends and I are praying for this to become a reality series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Bianca May Says:

    Bombshell Betty is fabulous! I’ve taken a pinup modeling workshop & mini burlesquercise lesson. I thought this clip was really fun to watch AND well made AND accurate to how a workshop is! I’d watch more!

  10. Carrie Says:

    Sounds like a great idea. I hope we get to learn some “tricks of the trade” on the show!! Although I’m curious where the blogger got the idea that there are San Francisco housewives waiting to be turned into sex kittens — who can afford to live in SF AND be a stay-at-home housewife?!?! Let’s see the women who are REALLY taking the classes and watch them blow off some after-work steam.

  11. Eve Devlin Says:

    Betty is a true pioneer, and an inspiration. Helping women achieve a better body image is an amazing gift!

  12. Scarlett Says:

    Sounds fantastic and fun! I would definitely watch it!!!!

  13. Janet Says:

    I can’t wait for the show!

  14. Christine Says:

    This looks absolutely fabulous. I would love to see more of what Erin said, “Real women without intense insecurities having a good time being sexy.” It would be wonderful to see a show that promotes this!

  15. tarosan Says:

    This would be a great show – that’s alternate reality tv

  16. Allison Says:

    I’ve been to two workshops, sometimes perform with Betty, and I would still totally watch this show! She’s hilarious, with a great personality, so much creativity and is doing such a service to women!She takes all shapes, sizes and says, “You’re hot! Let’s shake it!

    It would be great to see a show like this, with such a positive body image for women! Or…we could just keep watching crap like “Rock of Love”…

  17. As one of her former students I am so glad that Betty is continuing such great work. Burlesque and Pin Up is a place to discover femme fetale within. There is so much beauty within us all, we just had to find a safe place to explore it. Bombshell Betty provides it and Randy is a wonderful Pastie maker as well. I’d love to see a show about them and the wonderful Woman who explore Burlesque. Heck,I’d love to be maybe a guest Star. =)

  18. Andrea Saxophone Says:

    Not only does Bombshell Betty have an AMAZING, scintillating stage presence, she’s also an AWESOME shopping partner, with great tips for costuming and dressing cute!!!! A show about her would attract all kinds of viewers and would be a SMASH hit!!!

  19. Rhiannon Says:

    so exciting! you know ill be watching…

  20. Patina Says:

    Yes, turn it into a show. Just make sure you include her awesome band FROMAGIQUE as well.

  21. Clair Says:

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Betty and Randy at one of the workshops. If anyone should have a reality show it should be Betty, the most real person in entertainment. I would love to follow the shenanigans of Randy and Betty on their own Reality show.

  22. Cyndera Quackenbush Says:

    “Body-Image activist” – hell yes! As someone who has experienced ultimate transformations from the Bombshell, and has seen so many smiles as a result, why not bring it to as large as audience as possible?

    Go Betty!

  23. rachel Says:

    Having participated in one of her workshops, I wholly endorse the idea of a show! I was blown away by the variety of women who attended, and also their stories – some were conquering fear/insecurities, some were embracing life and living on the wild side, and some just like having pretty pictures of themselves. All of us had a fabulous time! Who doesn’t want to say they spent the day sipping champagne with lingerie-clad pin up girls?!

  24. Stepheni Says:

    Yes! A positive way to show “average” girl to fab girl. One suggestion…Betty needs to shoot one in Nashville. I’ll voluteer to be her student! 😉

  25. juliet d Says:

    OH!!!! I would just love to watch a show on this@

  26. Sherri Andrews Says:

    Definitely! Being a ‘regular woman’ who’s been learning burlesque, I can testify to the confidence boost it gives — and the more women who can be exposed to the creativity and self-acceptance and fun, the better!

  27. catherine Says:

    so fabulous, and artistic!! what a ray of innocence, confidence, and beauty.

  28. Thad Says:

    I think this is just the type of show America needs. Real women exploring new things and taking chances, not to change themselves but only to take a new look at who they are and what they can do.

  29. Fina Fatale Says:

    Sounds like an awesome show! I cannot wait for it to air:)

  30. Christy Says:

    What a fun idea! I would love to see more – yay!

  31. Anna Says:

    I love this! How inclusive – let’s make everyone feel sexy!

  32. Red Velvet Says:

    I have taken the pin-up workshop and it rocks! Bombshell Betty has a wonderful talent at making everyone feel sexy! This is certainly a concept that we need!

  33. Eric Says:

    Girls doing pin-up photos! I am there!

  34. Nancy Wilson Says:

    I was lucky enough to attend one of these workshops and send the pictures to my deployed husband over seas he was shocked and suprised about the amazing pictures that she did. I have always been really shy but doing this brought a stay at home mom out of the shell I put myself in and made my husband see me as a sexy hot woman and not just his kids mom. I wish the ladies at Bomb shell betty the best of luck and look forward to cheering on others to do this life changing adventure!

  35. Robert Says:

    This sounds like a concept that will resonate with women and interest men as well.

  36. Kingfish Says:

    This needs to be made!

  37. emchy Says:

    I think it would be pretty hot to watch regular women get in touch with their inner sex kitten… classier than stripping but still super sexy. plus who wouldn’t wanna look at Betty every week… mrrrow!

  38. MsChaos Says:

    Heck yes! a show that would give women confidence to flaunt who they are and not what others think they should be? YES!

  39. CTD Says:

    This is cool; so many women seem to think the way to look better is to suffer more, when they should just be working it.

  40. Kate Holt Says:

    LOVE Betty and what she does, I would totally watch! Because of her philosophy it would definite resonate with everyday beautiful women… and dudes would love it, too.

  41. Heather Says:

    As the mom who has experienced the workshop. I would totally watch the show. I loved being transformed into a sex symbol. I think Betty and Randy would be fun to watch.

  42. vanessa Says:

    Betty is one special lady on an awesome mission…reality tv would be lucky to catch a glimpse of her day-to-day. I’m currently a student and sometimes my weekly hour of bumps and grinds are the only thing reminding me that I am not a complete corporate drone…hell, just writing this makes me want to shake it! Yay for Betty!!!

    PS. She taught me to embrace my jiggle factor, for which I am eternally grateful and giggle much more. Giggles are the best!

  43. As a “Vintage Vixen” I am so delighted to see burlesque returning as it should be – a place for ALL women to explore their fun sexy side. Bombshell Betty is at the front of it, helping the average woman learn she can be a pin-up and be proud of herself as well. I most certainly would watch every week!

  44. Ruth Says:

    I think this is a totally fantastic idea for a show! We need more fabulous people like Bombshell Betty in this world. All the people out there NEED to see some real beautiful women on tv, not the superficial, vacuos, stereotypical ‘beauty’ that is usually portrayed on tv. You go girl!!!

  45. Annie P. Says:

    I think this is a great idea. I’ve taken her pin-up workshop and it’s awesome. She makes you feel comfortable with yourself and to make yourself look and feel amazing everyday. I still use everything that I learned from her to this day. I really would love to see a series on this. Please!

  46. I love the idea! More women need the means to feel amazing in so many different ways and this just adds to the empowerment. Keep up the fabulous work dollface. xoxo

  47. Loreley Says:

    Participating in Betty’s pinup workshop was such an inspirational, empowering and confidence-building experience that has allowed me to do so many things since then that I would’ve previously never thought possible. To top all that off, the creativity and freedom involved with this work feels like the most fun I’ve had since kindergarten! The talent and depth of knowledge possessed by Betty and her like-minded colleagues is boundless. We definitely need to see more programs that demonstrate to women the power they possess and encourage them to embrace their uniqueness and sexuality in a popular culture that still devalues women and reduces them to unflattering, misogynistic stereotypes.

  48. Brian Says:

    Look at all those sexy women! Sex sells, right? Plus, what a transformation. From the shy to the confident, from the hidden to the alluring. Sounds like the character development is built in too.

  49. Rachel Says:

    Bombshell Betty Rocks! This is something all women SO need! Betty is a natural born teacher and inspiration. This is an idea that will attract all kinds of women for many different reasons. Would be a success for sure!

  50. Kyle B Rock-in Says:

    Sounds like an awesome idea. Combines all of the ingredients for successful reality tv. I’ll be watching for it.

  51. Tricksie Treat Says:

    It’s about time this Fox gets the recognition she deserves! Bombshell Betty is a superhero, bringing out confident, glamorous, sensual, and fierce aspects of women of all walks of life all over the country.

    Get it, girl.

  52. RJ Johnson Says:

    Please make a show! Pretty please!

    Having seen Betty perform numerous times, I can easily see her entertaining and enthralling a television audience just as easily as she wows a live crowd.

  53. Eric Says:

    I would watch this – what a great idea. My wife has taken Betty’s classes and it is transformative.

  54. Ann Says:

    what a terrific idea for a show. This is a great idea and a positive aspect for reality tv. Most shows seem so negative – but this is a positive lesson that women should hear! Go Betty!

  55. Carol Says:

    I am not big on reality shows, but this sounds like a really interesting idea. I would watch it!

  56. Melinda Says:

    Omg. This would make a fabulous reality show. So fab!

  57. Skye Says:

    I would totally watch this show! As someone who has taken the workshop, I can say first-hand how exciting it was to see everyone (especially myself!) transform from “regular” ladies into confident and cheeky sexpots. Plus, Betty is amazing at teaching great ways to help you look and feel your best in any situation. This show has a lot to offer!

  58. Amelia Says:

    Betty is a rare bird and she is a the for front of an cultural movement! Make sure the revolution is televised!!!!!

  59. Carly Says:

    I love the message and I would watch it over an over again.

  60. Christine Says:

    Bobshell Betty is so amazingly beautiful and emits nothing but classiness on stage! I’ve signed up to take her pinup workshop and can’t wait for the day to get here!! I’d love to see more of her and I think a tv show is a great idea! Who wouldn’t want to see what this lovely lady and her entourage comes up with next?

  61. Jen C Says:

    This would make a fantastic tv show! Real women feeling good about their bodies, being sexy, and having fun. Fabulous.

  62. Christina Says:

    This would be a fabulous show to watch! I love Bombshell Betty and the idea that glamor is not lost today and that it becomes every woman!

  63. joey Says:

    I love the segment! Might treat my girlfriend to a pinup photo session like this one day. This kind of thing does wonders for a woman’s self-confidence and is just plain FUN!

  64. Cami Says:

    Bombshell Betty is … the BOMB! Loved taking her Burlesquercise class and seriously contemplating the pin-up class. And as for a show? Oh yes, Betty would make an awesome show! I’m waiting with anticipation!

  65. Holly Says:

    Please make this show! it will open doors to free the vixen in us all.

    I mean seriously, how many reality TV shows can claim dancing girls, dramatic makeovers, sheer sexiness AND positive, classy, sassiness. Plus I’ve take one of her workshops and she’s a hoot. She’ll make for good TV.

    Betty is the BOMBshell! this is will be a great show.

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