Elton John closed his 1972 Honky Chateau album with “Hercules.” The song was a full-blown rocker on stage with the classic EJ line-up: Dee Murray on bass, Nigel Olsson on drums, Davey Johnstone on guitars. There’s misinformation on the web about whose song this is – some confusing it with Allen Toussaint’s song of the same name. But this Hercules was indeed written by EJ and Bernie Taupin.


Ooh I got a busted wing and a hornet sting
Like an out of tune guitar
Ooh she got Hercules on her side
And Diana in her eyes

Some men like the Chinese life
Some men kneel and pray
Ooh well I like women and I like wine
And I’ve always liked it that way
Always liked it that way

I can’t dig it, the way she tease
That old tough man routine up her sleeve
Living and loving, kissing and hugging
Living and loving with a cat named Hercules
A cat named Hercules

Oh and it hurts like hell to see my gal
Messing with a muscle boy
No superman gonna ruin my plans
Playing with my toys

Rich man sweating in a sauna bath
Poor boy scrubbing in a tub
Me, I stay gritty up to my ears
Washing in a bucket of mud
Washing in a bucket of mud

[Dick James Music]

ps. Did you know that Sir Elton legally changed his name to Elton Hercules John in 1974?

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