CLASH OF THE GODS: Experience with Lightning preferred

On Monday August 3, KPI’s new series for HISTORY launches at 10PM ET/PT.
CLASH OF THE GODS tackles myths–big gutsy unwieldy myths filled with sex, snakes, sirens, flying dragons and monsters eating people.

Zeus Typhon

First episode is ZEUS–the greatest of the Greek Gods. So how do you cast a god? That was the question we kept asking ourselves. Zeus. All-powerful. Larger than life. Experience with lightning preferred.

We were filming in Ouarzazate – a remote studio town in the Moroccan desert where films such as Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia filmed many of their scenes. You’d think you could find godlike superheros in a setting like that. You’d be wrong.

For days we scoured the town – home to about 80,000 people with droves of tourists passing through. We held casting calls at our hotel, scoured street corners, checked out the only gym in town, which looked more like janitor’s supply closet than a Bally’s. No one had the ZEUS “look”.

We extended our search across the country. Casting photos poured in from Casablanca, Marrakesh, Tangier. Where had all the superheros gone?

In the end, we settled for a mere mortal. We cast Joseph Beddelem, an experienced Moroccan stuntman with credits including The Bourne Identity, The Hills Have Eyes and Alexander as our Zeus.

Moroccan stuntman Joseph Beddelem

Moroccan stuntman Joseph Beddelem

Joseph is one strong and rugged dude. He had an air of authority about him and his screen experience suggested he’d be able to carry the role more convincingly than the janitor down the street (who usually has a steady side job thanks to small, poor productions like ours.)

We had our man.

Next…the task of turning him into a god.
(to be continued in our next blog post–)

–Chris Cassel,
Clash of the Gods, Series Director & Writer

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17 Comments on “CLASH OF THE GODS: Experience with Lightning preferred”

  1. William Says:

    And who did you cast as Hera?

  2. Talulah Belle Says:

    Hercules? How tall is he, btw?

  3. Talulah Belle Says:

    Hercules? How tall is he, btw, and are his eyes really that light?

  4. Jack Says:

    The actor who played Theseus looks familiar. Who is he and what else has he been in?

  5. Mayuri Says:

    I love this show. Extremely interesting, though I haven’t seen Medusa or Hercules yet. My cable company happened to ruin that. I’ll try and find it on History channel .com though.

    The guy who plays zeus looks BAD ASSS

    And uh, just a quick question. Is Ares going to be in this series first season? Also, please, tell me you’ll do 2 seasons. 6 episodes isnt enough to do the greek gods honour 😛

    I would also like to see an episode on poseidon since hes the other of the 3 main gods.

    • kpitv Says:

      Hi Mayuri,
      Thanks for writing. History commissioned 10 hour-long episodes on world mythology. We planned out 7 episodes on Greek myths-—Odysseus is a 2-parter on Sept 14 & 21.

      Then we move on to Beowulf, the mythology behind The Lord of the Rings (we don’t have the final title yet!) and end with Thor. World mythology is huge.

      Sure—we’d love to do more, and Poseidon and Aries would be pretty sure bets. So by all means let History Channel know you want to see more.

      Hades and The Labyrinth of the Minotaur are up now on We expect Medusa will get posted later this week.

      • mike Says:

        This show is great and very interesting, I was wondering who played eurydice in the hades episode?

  6. Pasquale Falbo Says:

    What actors played Persephone and Eurydice?

  7. Jessica Says:

    Hi, I just finished watching the minotaur episode and I am wondering who is the actor who plays Theseus? Thanks.

  8. Jacob Says:

    Who played Ariadne in the Minotaur episode?

  9. Will Says:

    Who potrayed Odysseus in this 2 part episode?

  10. D Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Can you please email me on how I can get hold of Benaskour Oumnia and Joseph Beddelem for casting. Email me with detals that can be arranged.

    Many Thanks


  11. Mona Says:

    Which actor played Hercules?

    I’m in love! 🙂

  12. Katherine Says:

    Who’s the guy who plays Beowulf?

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