Last week the Emmy (R) Award nominations were announced, and our friends at Pixeldust received 3 out of the 6 (!) special effects nominations for news & documentaries. One was for their incredible (& very scary) work on KPI’s October 2008 special for Discovery–APOCALYPSE HOW.

So we asked 2 of the principle creatives responsible–Nick Jernigan at Pixeldust and Ted Poole at KPI–to tell us a little about what’s involved with, say, decimating NYC.


Says Nick:
The challenge of Apocalypse How’s visual effects was to create multiple shots, spanning ten completely different doomsday scenarios. This was an extremely rewarding experience due to KPI being completely open to technique and style throughout the entire process. The artists used animation, visual effects and live action to achieve world destruction. One of the sequences was to destroy New York City with an atomic bomb, which consisted of more than 250 layers.

Says Ted:
A big challenge in doing the CGI for Apocalypse How was in trying to come up with visual representations of purely theoretical disasters. When all scientists have to tell us is that a “mini-black hole might eat the Earth”, there are a lot of different ways you could go with that. The team at Pixeldust helped us visualize these disasters in ways that are powerful and that hadn’t been done before.

See a clip on the KPI website at

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