CLASH OF THE GODS premieres Aug 3 on HISTORY

Flying dragon

KPI’s new series CLASH OF THE GODS tackles myths–big gutsy, unwieldy myths filled with sex, snakes, sirens, flying dragons and monsters eating people. From Zeus to Hercules to Medusa, this is the kind of stuff you haven’t seen on TV because it is such an unruly beast to fell.
Producing a series of this magnitude involves huge international crews, large casts, makeup teams, cutting- edge special effects, a ton of planning & perseverance and the best people you can find to pull it all off.

Chris Cassel and Jessica Conway (two elder KPI statesmen/women) spent months shooting this series in North Africa, Lithuania, Sweden and beyond. Then back in NYC Kristy Sabat and Andrea Pilat began sifting through the plot lines with editors Jennifer Honn, Tova Goodman and William Miller.

This series was pre-scripted with a Lord of the Rings trilogy shoot-it-all-at-once approach. The style (sketch above) is a very intentional graphic novel blend with plenty of live action. The goal is to create a signature look for channel surfers.

First episode (Aug 3) is ZEUS–Ancient Greece’s most powerful god in an epic struggle against his father for control of the universe. Experts believe this myth may have been ancient code for a real world event – one of the greatest natural disasters the Earth ever experienced.

–Vinnie Kralyevich, KPI founder & CCO

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17 Comments on “CLASH OF THE GODS premieres Aug 3 on HISTORY”

  1. Dimitri Says:

    I was wondering how this information came about… who should we thank for this information?

    • kpitv Says:

      Thank you for your comment, and thank the History Channel for green-lighting our series! (really, pls send them an email–). Finally, thank Chris Cassel for guiding the whole project which involved many, many talented people.
      Clash of the Gods continues tonight with HERCULES at 10PM (followed by a repeat of last week’s ZEUS). New episodes every Monday night through Oct 12.

  2. Raheem Says:

    Finally, a show I truly enjoy. When I was in Junior High School I spent recess in the library, captivated by books on Greek Myths. To see it on television is great.

    • james Says:

      i agree fullheartedly;as a child in rural kansas i was ridiculed and ostricised for having tastes requiring knowledge of history and philosophy;it is good to see shows tending to neglected subjects and helping to raise an awareness in the need for higher learning. they need our ratings more than “reality” TV.

      • james Says:

        fyi i’ve grown to be a well educated heathen man who does what little he can to benefit his community, sometimes at great monitary cost to myself.but no one else is going to do what is needed without seeing somebody else stand up and do it first(e.g. paint a community building, clean a park, plant a community garden,etc.etc). If more people cared the world would be a far more preferable to live.

  3. timoto Says:

    I love this show! We studied Greek Mythology last year in Language Arts – now, I know even more about Greek Mythology!

  4. justin Says:

    Why did they use the Romanised version of the name Hercules instead of the Greek Heracles or Herakles?

    • kpitv Says:

      Hi Justin: the reason is simply that Hercules is the more recognized pronunciation. Hercules is the household name.

  5. Linda Says:

    I don’t have cable or even regular tv anymore so I have to watch shows online. I was so stoked to find “Clash of the Gods” online! What a cool program! I was introduced to the Greek deities when I was 10 years old through a colouring book my mom got me for my birthday, and I have been fascinated by the stories and myths ever since.
    I hope History Channel will make more episodes of this available to watch online. It’s nice to finally find something worth watching again.

  6. James H. Says:

    I’ve seen a few episodes and have mixed feelings. The visuals are amazing, but some of the information I’m finding problematic. For example, why the importation of Christian myth? I find the importation offensive and feel that it does not belong. I would appreciate it if someone could explain to me why there is this importation.

    • kpitv Says:

      Hi James – thanks for writing. A goal of the series throughout is to show how these myths have influenced beliefs and culture through the centuries up to the present day. We have followed the thread (the “clew”) wherever it leads—and we reference many ways in which the symbols and practices of current religions can be traced back to ancient origens. These myths involve layer upon layer of culture and psychology, and thousands of books and graduate dissertations have been written about them. The archeology and science are constantly shedding new light–and including that information is one of our primary goals in this series. These myths will be debated and argued over by each successive generation–until the end of time. We’re glad that our re-telling in Clash of the Gods is helping to keep the stories alive.

  7. Jereme Kennington Says:

    Get over it James, the truth hurts. Believe it or not, Christianity is false. And it’s evidently true. You can take it offensively and deny it but Christianity is no different than what you think of other religions.

    Now for my question to KPI, what are the upcoming episodes? This is a VERY interesting and informative show! I had just discovered this show on Aug 31. Out of all the gods I would’ve liked to watch, it was done: Zeus! The other gods I wanted to see was Hades (which I watched and enjoyed), Odin, Horus and Dionysus. Do you know if any of them will be part of the series?

  8. Andy Says:

    I was woundering about the eye “make up ” that the Greeks wear in the Clash of the Gods”.Is it just a prop or is there some significance to it.

  9. Robert.Gullo Says:

    I would like to start by saying what a great honor it

    was to be able to view such a enlighten,and fresh show

    that was everything i hope and dream it might be. I

    was glued to its every word, every phase, and every

    frame waiting for the next with great egarness. I

    Love THE CLASH OF THE GODS so much I would only lay

    and wait to when the next installments of this great

    Master piece.. Again Thanks for making my life of a

    Disabled Americans life a far cry better, Further more

    I would like to take the time to say Thanks,and

    Godbless, To everyone Involved in the making of this

    work of art.. Special Thanks to the History Channel

    Plainly put You Rock.

    Thanks & Godbless
    Robert Gullo

    When can i hope to see more of this great show im

    dying to find out and can’t wait i feel like a 7 yr

    old again…

    Please write back if you can or care to Email Me..

    Thanks again…

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